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Eucerin (Beiersdorf), dermocosmetic brand for skin and hair care

the storytelling created by well360

The skin perceives sensations, remembers experiences and is an identifying symbol. Eucerin knows that people feel better when their skin is healthy, so its dermocosmetic products combine an innovative medical approach together with an individual-oriented dedication.

Well360 assisted Eucerin in organising the event We Are Derma, focused on the new brand positioning. An occasion as well to reinforce the brand’s values and its Manifesto: during the two days between Milan and Rome dedicated to agents and employees, the potential of dermatological treatments to change the overall quality of life was promoted.

The agency was in charge of the marketing gadget production and the production of the corporate concept video, created by involving their own employees and inviting them to get actively engaged with their company after the lock-down period of absence.

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