Brand identity, Video Production, ADV Strategy


Arix is the most important Italian company in the home cleaning industry, operating in the major international markets and in several emerging countries


Arix, Italy’s leading domestic cleaning company, relied on Well360 for the launch of the new Tonkita Spray & Wash.

The company desired the promotion of the new product with a simple but memorable communication. So the internal division of the communication agency, WellPlay, worked on the creative idea and the production of different dedicated commercials designed to emphasise the unique features of the new product on the market by using a social tone of voice in line with the brand’s values. From here the innovative positioning ‘No dramaaa‘ was created.

Tonkita Spray & Wash, becomes the perfect ally to easily clean your floor in the event of occasional small stains and hitches that occur daily.

The commercials were promoted on Meta and Google, both in the Italian and international market, through a digital strategy and content promotion campaign aiming to reach the widest possible target group interested in home cleaning.